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Status 3 days old   1 comment

So far so good! Our Heroes are eating a lot of milk from mom Fendi, so everything seems normal so far. They have big sweet bellies!

Here are some pictures of our 3 Heroes from last night (2 days old)! The girl Heroine (medium sized white spot in her forhead), and the boys Hamilton (small white spot in his forhead) and HarryHole (big white bliss). Click at the picture to see them larger in a slide show:

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Presentation of the Heroes   1 comment

Now I have had a shower and me and my mom have both got some sleep after the pretty tough birth. After the birth my mom looked after them, and when she vent to bed, I looked after them. And at the same time we look after the 10 Ridgeback puppies and their mom Mea. And babyOscar. It’s been quite busy here! So finally we are both up and I can show you some pictures of our 3 lovely pups! They are so far not the biggeste eaters, but I hope they will be in the next hours.
I will move home to Erik with the Ridgebackpuppies in few days and my parents will look after the Tollerpuppies until the Ridgeback puppies move to new homes. Just have to be sure everything is alright with the Heroes, and wait for my dad to get back from his work at the ocean before we move the Ridgebacks.

Since they are so different (and few) I will not give them color ribbons, but real names. The puppy buyers can of course change the names, but they still have to have names that starts with “H” since this is a H-litter.

As always I will see how things develope before I even think of contacting the potential puppy buyers. So many things can happen the first critical days after the birth.

So here are our newborn Heroes (helter):

Heroine! The firstborn girl! She was weak after she was born, but she is stronger now. She has a white spot in her forhead and has a darker coat than her brothers.

IMG_0723Hamilton and HarryHole. The two boys! Hamilton (small white spot in his forhead) and brother HarryHole with the big, white bliss.

Here are som mixed pictures of the trio:

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They are here!   Leave a comment

Fendi really surprised us tonight! We knew from her behavior earlier today that it soon was time, but she was calmer this afternoon so we thougth perhaps Sunday. After a walk she vent to rest and suddenly there was a little girl. She was 300 gr. Then a stillborn girl, also 300 gr. And then 2 boys both 400 gr!
The first one born 20:15 and the last one 00:30. I think she is empty now!
So we have 3 beautiful puppies in the puppypen now!


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Soon time for birth   Leave a comment

Our sweet Adoreas Red Fendi is soon giving birth, and we are so excited and curious to see who’s hiding inside Fendi’s belly. We think the puppies will say “hello” during this upcomming weekend. Or perhaps Monday/Tuesday.
If it’s a normal birth without any problems I will update you here in the puppyblog during the birth!

Here is Fendi 6 weeks pregnant:


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