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4 weeks old   Leave a comment

Yesterday the pups turned 4 weeks old. They are still at my parents house, and with all the Ridgeback puppies soon moving to new homes I haven’t much time to visit the 3 Heroes. But this weekend I had to, and they have become some delicious fur balls! So sweet! I dewormed them for the 2nd time, and they were outside in the sun. They first thought the porch was a bit slippery, but after some testing they walked around. And the last days they have been out every day.
Last weekend, when they turned 3 weeks old, they moved up in the living room. And we then started to invite visitors.
In some days I will move the gang to my house, and I really look forward to that.
Here are some pictures of the 3 pups, their mom Fendi and aunt Caprice:

IMG_5160Harry Hole

IMG_5162Harry Hole





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2 weeks old   Leave a comment

Our Heros are now 2 weeks old and have started to open their eyes. They are really fat since they are only three, and got lots of milk from mom Fendi. Despite they are so fat they have started to walk around. Clomsy now in the beginning, but they develope fast! They have been dewormed for the first time, and they didn’t like that at all!

aIMG_2183Heroine – our girl



IMG_2223Trio – HarryHole, Heroine and Hamilton

IMG_2224The happy family

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The Heroes 10 days old   Leave a comment

The little ones get lots of milk and are small fatties 🙂 The benefits of only beeing three!
They are so extremely sweet and I really look forward to see them develope!

IMG_1477Miss Heroine

IMG_1487 Mr HarryHole

IMG_1501 Mr Hamilton

IMG_1562 Proud mom Fendi

IMG_1563Happy family

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