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Such a long time since I have updated! Here is a summary:

After last update the pups spent much of the week out on the porch at my parents house (click on the pictures to see them larger):

When the pups were 4,5 weeks old I moved them to my house. Their first trip in the car! Since the Ridgeback pups still were in the big puppy garden in the living room, we made them a small puppy garden upstairs:

The weekend the pups turned 5 weeks old we had the annual Adoreaweekend. The pups spent one of the days at the lap’s of our other puppy buyers:

After the weekend when the pups turned 5 weeks, they moved to the big puppy garden in the living room, and outside on the porch.

When the pups were 5,5 weeks old it was time for some new head shots:

hamiltonIMG_5758Hamilton 5,5 weeks old

hamiltonIMG_5760Hamilton 5,5 weeks old

harryholeIMG_5789HarryHole 5,5 weeks old

harryholeIMG_5794HarryHole 5,5 weeks old

heroineIMG_5858Heroine 5,5 weeks old

heroineIMG_5867Heronie 5,5 weeks old

Their life after 5 weeks old have been filled with lots of visitors (kids, and people in all ages), excursions, car drivning, playing in the two puppy gardens or outsiden in the garden and in the woods. Lots of socialisations!
I will make new posts about that.

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